50Hz Gamer is a video game review website with a news and random-prices-found-across-the-internet sections duct-taped on. That's pretty much it. It's run by me, lowly Computer Science Student: Christopher Eggison. I'm bias, I can be pretty ignorant but I know what I like and can rant until the cows come home. Much like every other British person.

I think and write about games as entertainment. I'm not one for hanging paintings of flowers on my walls or watching black and white French cinema while wine-tasting as I write contemporary jazz music on the back of a rustic 1940's journal. I am, however, all about getting my money's worth out of a piece of entertainment, games being absolutely no exception. I write about my experience with the game and how the game plays as to give you the best... Well, to the best of my abilities... View of the game at-a-glance before you lay down your hard earned cash for it.

How can you trust the word of a random internet reviewer? Well, you can't. Your tastes and mine are very likely to be vastly different to mine. Best way to see if my reviews mean anything to you? Just go and check out some reviews of mine. If you agree with them, then welcome to the party. If not, well, it's a big ol' internet, I'm sure someone out there will represent your tastes. Oh and yeah, I run this site at a loss, don't make a profit at all. It's run as a hobby, so don't expect ads or sponsored content... Also don't expect regular updates or early game reviews.

Oh and don't expect journalistic integrity when it comes to Over-Reaction Command, it's got some serious rants about games in there, but for the most part it's satirical.

Contact Info
Please direct all hate-mail to wasting.your.time@50hzgamer.co.uk. If you want to contact me for something other than hate, funny pictures of cats, your sudden realisation of long-hidden super powers or advertising opertunities (seriously, do not send me requests. I will not reply to these.), please send all mail to chris.eggison@50hzgamer.co.uk. Can't promise a reply.

About 50Hz Gamer's Scoring System

I don't think it can get much simpler. 50Hz Gamer operates on a two-tier rating system. I essentially "like" or "dislike" something and that's that. You may argue that it leaves no leeway for 'marginally good' games and 'extremely awesome' games (and the same for bad games) but I would argue that you should read the full review and stop focusing on irrelevant numerical scores which no reviewer could tell you what makes one game a 75/100 and another game a 76/100.

About PEGI Rating System

The PEGI age rating system is the European-wide content rating system and legally binding in the United Kingdom. For more information about the system please click here or even here.

About 50Hz Saver

50Hz Saver is a collection of prices gathered from all across the great expanse of the internet. It's not as complete or technologically advanced as many price comparison websites but these deals are hand-picked and constantly under review by myself to ensure that games featured are infact cheap. I also only use vendors which I or others I trust have used and trust. That's not to say you wont encounter problems, I can't guarantee the behaviour of others nor can I promise the price I put on Saver will remain that price by the time I come to review it, so please keep your wits and common sense about you when using the service. I am not responsible for anything that happens outside of 50Hz Gamer.

In more formal speak: Prices are shown as-is/are/was on the given time they were entered into the database. Prices may fluctuate by as much as £1 or £2 without being amended. Prices are generally updated every 7-11 days, sometimes 14 days... Perhaps longer if technical problems start arising. Which is a very real posibility with me.