Nintendo 3DS Unboxing Unbox Everything - Well folks, that day has come upon us. The Nintendo 3DS is in the wild. Nintendo is boasting huge pre-order numbers and hopeful to top 200k units sold over the weekend, will you be one of them? To whet your appetite, here's a very nerdy unboxing of the latest Nintendo handheld offering to tide you over until I have enough time to formulate a review on the Nintendo 3DS hardware itself.

The Box:

Thar she blows! The Nintendo 3DS!

Some warning legal spiel.

A little about what comes in the package...

The box... It opens!

The Contents (Layer one, instructions and printed media):

Ah-ah-ah! You didn't say the magic word. (Blocked out the code, I have since used the code so it's worthless now. But at the time I hadn't.)

The back of the bag of printed materials

All of the contents included on the first layer of the box.

The instruction manual depicts how I should or should not use my console. Like giving it to a baby or playing gladiators with it.

Nintendo 3DS AR Cards for use with the Augmented Reality software installed on the system.

The Contents (Layer two, the console and charging cable):

The mighty second layer. Right: AC adaptor, left: Nintendo 3DS console.

The 3DS' AC adaptor, UK version.

The Nintendo 3DS in it's protective sleeve.

The Nintendo 3DS' dual cameras on show. Capable of taking 3D photography.

Protective film covers the 3DS' top screen.

The Nintendo 3DS' very shiny face

Under the 3DS

Where the 3DS' stylus lives

The Nintendo 3DS' telescopic stylus

The Nintendo 3DS comes with a 2GB SD card pre-inserted.

The SD Card slot and the volume slider.

The front of the 3DS.

Top of the 3DS with (a DS) game inserted.

The Contents (Layer three, the charging cradle):

What do we have here?

The Nintendo 3DS charging cradle.

Nintendo 3DS in cradle from one side...

And the other side.

Quick screen grabs:

What inserting an original DS title into the 3DS looks like with 3D enabled.

What a Nintendo DS game looks like when inserted.

Screen with the 3D effect turned off.

Shot of the screen with the 3D effect turned on.

Everything together:

And that's everything.