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Nintendo 3DS shifts 303k units in 2 days. The announcement comes a week after the launch of the system last Friday which saw 113,000, over one third of European-sold units fall into the hands of UK residents alone. Nintendo says that the 3DS launch was better than the launch of the Nintendo Wii, however European Nintendo Wii sales hit 325,000 ( units after just two days in 2006. Only 50k of those 325k units were purchased by Britons, due mostly to stock shortages which the Nintendo 3DS did not suffer from.

It's suspected that the price-war retailers conducted in the lead-up to the system's release was part of the amazing UK response of the system, with Tesco having the lowest price of £175 when purchased with any Nintendo 3DS software. Online retailer Amazon and UK supermarkets ASDA and Morrisons were willing to part with the system for £187. Some stores have already raised the price of the Nintendo 3DS, some up to near the Recommended Retail Price of £229.99.
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Added: 27/05/2011