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Some Nintendo DSiWare cannot be transferred to 3DS systems. With the launch of the Nintendo 3DS' eShop coming in the next week, Nintendo has detailed the process in which users can transfer across Nintendo DSiWare software which they have previously purchased on a Nintendo DSi system. The transfer is one-way to the 3DS, once transferred it cannot be carried back to a Nintendo DSi system.

However, a more concerning issue that appears to have developed. A total of 21 games, 16 or more of which have no counterpart on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, cannot be moved to any Nintendo 3DS system. On the list there are several Nintendo titles; Flipnote Studios and the entire "Pocket Rurufu" series of games are included. The list currently only covers titles released on the Japanese DSi Shop and no reason has been given as to why the titles are non-transferable.
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Added: 27/05/2011