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NGP becomes PS Vita, out this year, starting at £235. The dust has settled on Sony's late-evening/early morning (for UK'ers) press conference and perhaps the biggest news to take away from the stage show was that Sony's up-coming "Next Generation Portable" is now officially entitled "Playstation Vita" or "PS Vita" and will be released worldwide by the end of the year with an asking price of $249.99 (US), €249.99 or £235 for the WiFi model, $299.99, €299.99 or £275 for the WiFi and 3G model.

It was announced during the show that Sony is seeking exclusive partner deals for PS Vita's 3G mobile internet access, with American telecom company AT&T taking the slack in the States, much to the shagrin of the audience at the show which met the news with both laughter and groans. No other partnerships have been announced as of yet, neither have there been any confirmed launch titles anywhere in the world just yet.
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Added: 27/05/2011