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UK Retailers give their take on the PS Vita's price. While I'm still trying to ease my anger at the lack of currency conversion between US dollars and Euros for the Playstation Vita price (which adds a whopping £77 to the price of the system in the UK, by the way), retailers are now starting to sound-off on what they'll most likely be charging whenever Sony gets around to releasing the system in Europe.

Several retailers have started posting prices for the system, a consensus of £229.99 for the WiFi only model of the system and £279.99 for the 3G model has emerged. The price for the cheapest model is comparable to the Nintendo 3DS' pricing scheme in the United Kingdom, although Nintendo's system has been on constant sale since it's launch back in March.

Sony has not yet confirmed a release window for the Playstation Vita in Europe, confirming only a Japanese launch which is set later this year.
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Added: 27/05/2011