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Codemasters, Epic Games hacked, Nintendo warns of phising. The dust around E3 has settled and what appears to be emerging now is that several video-game entities have joined the growing number of companies who have had their websites breached by hackers.

Codemasters recently admitted that their servers were hacked by an unknown group who have quite possibly taken off with user details such as email addresses and passwords, although the latter were encrypted. Epic Games had their community forums hacked and personal information was lifted. This information includes encrypted passwords which Epic fears may be compromised in the near future. A similar attack was made against a Square Enix-run website promoting Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of Europe have issued a warning to visitors of it's websites stating a "phishing possibility." No details have emerged yet, however it appears to be a cautionary message. Microsoft issued a similar warning around the time of the Playstation Network attack, warning users of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that there was a potential threat of phishing in the game. Phishing is the means in which attackers try to claim accounts based on tricking account owners into revealing information such as usernames, email addresses and passwords under false pretences.
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Added: 27/05/2011