Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders go HD. Konami have announced two new "HD Collection" titles as part of their pre-recorded "Pre-E3 show". Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will include Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Patriots, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, all in HD and on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and will be released this November.

Also unveiled was the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, bundling both Zone of the Enders titles, again for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The collection will be out in 2012.

Both titles when played on the Playstation 3 will utilise a "Transfarring" system, which acts like Sony's recently announced "PSP Remaster" initiative. Kojima Productions hopes to extend the PSP Remaster series beyond it's original scope of PSP to PS3 data sharing and take it to other platforms such as the up-coming NGP.
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NGP backwards compatible with PSP games. The NGP, Sony's next portable Playstation will be fully backwards compatible with all PSP games. One stipulation to this is that PSP games have to be purchased through the Playstation Store in order to be played on the NGP, as there is no UMD drive on the system. PSP Go users may see the full benefits of that digital-download only route to buying games.

Games played on the NGP will have some benefits, such as some "smoothing" and the ability to make use of the second analogue stick present on the NGP.
Mass Effect, Better with Kinect. Or so a box shot of the upcoming BioWare RPG epic; Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360 is to be believed. The box art (pictured below) appeared on EA's store-front and was discovered by a NeoGAF user. The box clearly shows a distinctive "Better with Kinect Sensor" banner above the game's box art.

It's yet unknown how the game will utilise the Kinect sensor, but one only hopes that it involves an Omega dance rave party mini-game.
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Some Nintendo DSiWare cannot be transferred to 3DS systems. With the launch of the Nintendo 3DS' eShop coming in the next week, Nintendo has detailed the process in which users can transfer across Nintendo DSiWare software which they have previously purchased on a Nintendo DSi system. The transfer is one-way to the 3DS, once transferred it cannot be carried back to a Nintendo DSi system.

However, a more concerning issue that appears to have developed. A total of 21 games, 16 or more of which have no counterpart on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, cannot be moved to any Nintendo 3DS system. On the list there are several Nintendo titles; Flipnote Studios and the entire "Pocket Rurufu" series of games are included. The list currently only covers titles released on the Japanese DSi Shop and no reason has been given as to why the titles are non-transferable.
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Nintendo details Japanese 3DS eShop launch. From the 7th of June, the day of Nintendo's E3 conference, the Nintendo 3DS' online store; the Nintendo eShop will be activated through an update downloadable through the Nintendo 3DS system. With the long-awaited firmware upgrade will come downloadable 3DSWare software (currently named "Nintendo 3DS Downloadable Software"), DSiWare software and various other content such as trailers.

The Japanese launch will bring with an initial set of four downloadable Virtual Console titles from the Nintendo Gameboy. For a limited period, a 3DSWare version of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic; Excitebike will be free to download. Users will also be able to transfer games from their DSi to their 3DS with the upcoming update.
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Playstation Store returns. As promised, the Playstation Store is now available across multiple territories, with only some Asian regions now without the service. Users can now purchase content off Playstation Network, which has seen a massive update adding content which has been delayed in release since Sony servers were hacked back in April.

Sony has said that there will be a "Welcome Back" programme to compensate users who have had their personal details stolen from Sony's care and to apologise for the near month-long outage which the Playstation Network suffered. This programme is not yet up and running, however said that it is in the final stages of testing and will be rolled out "soon".
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Sony's NGP to be called PS Vita? Rumours have been circulating on the internet which name the next-generation portable Sony device -- currently code named the "Next Generation Portable" or "NGP" as it's become commonly called -- as the Playstation Vita.

It is perhaps a dry cut-and-run from Sony's typical naming conventions of incrementing numbers at the end of the name, if it turns out true. Credence to this rumour has been given to this as Sony Computer Entertainment's very own E3 teaser hub's source code has a few references to "psvita". (Which, as of writing, are still there.) There have been leaked promotional leaflets leaked online which have the name written as "PS Vita" as well. We don't have much longer to wait to see if the name is true or not.
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Playstation Store to be restored this week. Sony has confirmed that the Playstation Store, part of the Playstation Network which had remained closed since the intrusion into Playstation Network at the end of April, will resume operations later this week ahead of the industry's largest trade show; E3.

Along with the store's grand re-opening, Sony will be rolling out it's "Welcome Back" programme in which players will be given various items such as downloadable games either on Playstation 3 or Playstation Portable. How one redeems said items has yet to be announced.
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US Xbox 360 price to drop ahead of E3? US Retailer Target seems to be advertising so, as found by a Cheap Arse Gamer user yesterday. The Xbox 360 bundled with a Kinect will set back US gamers $299.99, down from $399.99. There's been no indication so far if the discount will extend outside of the United States.
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Sony announces the "PSP Remaster" series for Playstation 3. The initiative will see select PSP software being, as the name implies; remastered for use on the Playstation 3 including an upgrade to High Definition visuals and in some cases stereoscopic 3D support. The games will be available on physical Blu Ray discs.

There's little word as of yet as to what games the series will bring to the Playstation 3, however Capcom's highly successful "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" will be the first game in the series to be launched in Japan during the Summer under the title "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver." There's no word as to if any of the titles in the PSP Remaster series will be released outside of Japan.

The PS3 variant of PSP Remaster titles will be able to share save data with the original PSP version (and vice-versa) of the titles as well as share online multiplayer aspects of the system, including the "Ad-Hoc" connection setting. However, the online functionality depends on the PS3 having internal WiFi, original circa-2007 20GB Playstation 3 model owners are out of luck, it seems.
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Playstation Network returns. Sony's Communal Online Service; Playstation Network is gradually being restored around the world. Japan and America are now back to near-full service, while Sony Europe is still flipping some switches to get it's services back online.

The 23-day outage (which could still be a few days longer for some regions) has now ceased, but Sony's pay-for services such as Qriocity and the Playstation Store are still down but expected to be restored by the end of May.

The outage was caused after hackers were able to infiltrate Sony's servers and extract personal information and credit card details of approximately 77 million users, however not all accounts had credit cards attached to their accounts. Hackers also targeted and successfully lifted similar details from the MMO arm of Sony; Sony Online Entertainment's servers.
Nintendo 3DS eShop launching June 6/7th. The service will go live in the US on the evening of June 6th 2011 and Japan on June 7th 2011 to coincide with the start of the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2011 (E3 2011).

The service will start in Japan by offering original 3DS software, emulated handheld games via a Wii-like Virtual Console and DSiWare titles including the ability to migrate DSiWare purchases from Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL consoles. Still unconfirmed is if the eShop will bring with it the Nintendo 3DS' internet browser, a feature glaringly missing from launch 3DS units.

Nintendo had previously said it wanted to release the Nintendo 3DS eShop, which ditches Nintendo's Micro-transaction "Nintendo Points" system in favour of simply showing normal prices, by the end of May.
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Playstation Network may not return until "End of May". Sony has said that the service is still undergoing a massive refit following the intrusion to the service in April. Sony had previously said they were aiming to restore the service last week, however could not meet the deadline.

The security breach at the company has potentially exposed over 100 million users of the service's data to the thieves, the number of potentially compromised Credit Card numbers stored by the service is still uncertain, the numbers were encrypted when stored on the servers.

Although not confirmed, Sony is said to be looking to buy fraud insurance for any concerned Playstation Network user as well as offering Qriocity users a month's worth of service for no extra charge and gifts in the form of downloadable games for Playstation Network users. The cost of the security breach in good-will gifts, lost revenue to developers and pending lawsuits against the firm has yet to be determined.
Sony confirms personal details leak from Playstation Network hack. It comes after Sony confirmed that an "external intrusion" to their Playstation Network service was causing the continued black-out for the free-to-play service. Sony know that hackers have had chance to harvest full personal information such as name, address, post code, date of birth and perhaps more worryingly, password reset question and answers, making any Playstation Network account vulnerable to attack.

Sony has yet to confirm that Credit Card details for users of their service have been stolen, however they are not ruling out the possibility. Sony is working with an unnamed but "recognized security firm" to help investigate and secure the service from future intrusion and theft of personal information from their users.

Advice is currently to change your email address' password if it was the same as your Playstation Network password as well as to keep a close eye on any bank statements for credit or debit cards which have been used on Playstation Network in the past. Sony will never ask you in any communication with them to provide your personal details or credentials. Remain vigilant.
Sony investigating possible PSN credit card theft. The announcement comes after Sony abruptly took down their free-to-play online service; Playstation Network last week without prior warning or notice until after the service was taken offline on Friday (22nd April). The service has been down ever since.

Sony had previously admitted that the outage was caused by an "external intrusion" to their service, but was coy as to where the threat originated and what was intruded upon. It is now feared that they were targeting credit card credentials stored by Sony to facilitate billing of Playstation Store content.

Sony promises to conduct a thorough investigation and get Playstation Network services running as normal as soon as possible, however have not alluded as to how long the current outage may last. Reports have said Sony is now rebuilding parts of the service in light of the breach.
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