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Some Nintendo DSiWare cannot be transferred to 3DS systems. With the launch of the Nintendo 3DS' eShop coming in the next week, Nintendo has detailed the process in which users can transfer across Nintendo DSiWare software which they have previously purchased on a Nintendo DSi system. The transfer is one-way to the 3DS, once transferred it cannot be carried back to a Nintendo DSi system.

However, a more concerning issue that appears to have developed. A total of 21 games, 16 or more of which have no counterpart on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, cannot be moved to any Nintendo 3DS system. On the list there are several Nintendo titles; Flipnote Studios and the entire "Pocket Rurufu" series of games are included. The list currently only covers titles released on the Japanese DSi Shop and no reason has been given as to why the titles are non-transferable.
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Nintendo details Japanese 3DS eShop launch. From the 7th of June, the day of Nintendo's E3 conference, the Nintendo 3DS' online store; the Nintendo eShop will be activated through an update downloadable through the Nintendo 3DS system. With the long-awaited firmware upgrade will come downloadable 3DSWare software (currently named "Nintendo 3DS Downloadable Software"), DSiWare software and various other content such as trailers.

The Japanese launch will bring with an initial set of four downloadable Virtual Console titles from the Nintendo Gameboy. For a limited period, a 3DSWare version of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic; Excitebike will be free to download. Users will also be able to transfer games from their DSi to their 3DS with the upcoming update.
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Nintendo 3DS shifts 303k units in 2 days. The announcement comes a week after the launch of the system last Friday which saw 113,000, over one third of European-sold units fall into the hands of UK residents alone. Nintendo says that the 3DS launch was better than the launch of the Nintendo Wii, however European Nintendo Wii sales hit 325,000 ( units after just two days in 2006. Only 50k of those 325k units were purchased by Britons, due mostly to stock shortages which the Nintendo 3DS did not suffer from.

It's suspected that the price-war retailers conducted in the lead-up to the system's release was part of the amazing UK response of the system, with Tesco having the lowest price of £175 when purchased with any Nintendo 3DS software. Online retailer Amazon and UK supermarkets ASDA and Morrisons were willing to part with the system for £187. Some stores have already raised the price of the Nintendo 3DS, some up to near the Recommended Retail Price of £229.99.
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Nintendo releases the 3DS in Japan, promptly sells out. On Saturday, Nintendo released the successor to the Nintendo DS; the Nintendo 3DS. Sources claim that a mere 400,000 units were shipped and ready for retailers to off-load at launch, leaving those without pre-orders having to queue over night outside large electronics retailers which most opened at 8:30 AM.

Nintendo wont disclose how many Nintendo 3DS units retailers in Europe and America may expect to receive, however it's been reported that Japanese retailers have already had a second batch of Nintendo 3DS consoles delivered, said batch has already sold out with more coming within the week. The Nintendo 3DS will launch in Europe on the 25th March 2011.
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Nintendo 3DS Release Detailed Nintendo has announced it's plans regarding the release of it's next big portable gaming hardware; the Nintendo 3DS.

The Console will launch on March 25th with price decided by retailers, however it appears the consensus for retail price is around £229.99, with some online retailers selling as low as £217.99. (You can keep up to date with the lowest 3DS prices here.)

No definite European launch titles have been announced at this point in time. However, the 3DS will receive streaming 3D content from Sky TV as well as the system having DSi-like features including social media integration. The 3DS will also have some limited multi-tasking as well as a 3DS store free of micro-transactions, with Nintendo looking to rid itself of it's Nintendo Points system.
Nintendo's "Nintendo World 2011" line up revealed. Nintendo is hitting the road to promote their upcoming Nintendo DS successor; the Nintendo 3DS in Japan with a public showcase of select technology demos from in-house and 3rd party developers, some of which appeared at E3, some which did not.

The titles on show are; Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D The Naked Sample (Konami), Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) 3DSoccer (Konami), Super Street Fighter IV 3D (Capcom), BioHazard (Resident Evil) Revelations (Capcom), Sengoku Muso (Dynasty Warriors) Chronicles (Koei), Dead or Alive Dimensions (Koei), Ridge Racer 3D (Bandai Namco Games), Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (Level Five), Nintendogs + Cats (Nintendo), Kid Icarus Returns (Nintendo), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo), Steel Diver (Nintendo), Pilot Wings Resort (Nintendo), AR Games (Nintendo) and some Nintendo 3DS Camera software.

It should be noted that these may not resemble the games that Nintendo will announce as release titles later in January.
Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright team up. Level 5 and Capcom have announced a new cross-over video game between beloved attorney at law Phoenix Wright and the equally beloved puzzle-solving academic; Professor Layton. The game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS sometime in the near future, unless it gets lost (or unwound, if you're American) or anyone has any objections. [Click the source for images, once better quality images are available, they'll appear here]
Doctor Who Wii/DS titles launch November 12th. BBC has announced that the two new Doctor Who video games "Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth" (DS) and "Doctor Who: Return to Earth" (Wii) will both land on the Nintendo platforms on November 12th. Hopefully that kick-ass Sonic Screwdrive Wii Remote will be coming around that time as well.
3DS Japanese price and launch date announced. Nintendo have given the machine a February 2011 release date along with a 25,000 Yen price tag. 10,000 Yen steeper than the original DS at launch in 2004. No word yet on American or European launch plans, other than there will be a 'western' launch early 2010.
3DS rumoured to launch in November. Get that tentative second Christmas list written, because the 3DS is now rumoured to launch on November 20th, according to a Nintendo peripheral manufacturer employee. Nintendo will officially announce it's plans later this month after Tokyo Game Show has concluded.
Doctor Who Wii Remote is awesome. To commemorate the launch of the new Doctor Who: Return to Earth game for the Nintendo Wii, there will be a special Sonic Screwdriver shaped Wii Remote for all your plot convenience needs. Also expect Sonic Screwdriver stylus to appear from the same company (Blue Ocean) as well for the Doctor Who DS title.
THQ claims 3DS' anti-piracy measures 'really combat piracy'. Somehow, I believe such statements are like dangling a steak in-front of a lion.
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