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New Playstation 3 revision in-bound. Sony Japan has unveiled a new version of the Playstation 3. It's not a drastic redesign but the internals of the system have had a work-over. The new model, baring the name "CECH-3000B" will consume less power, taking just 200W, 30W less than the previous model and weighs a little less, 2.6kg rather than 3kg.

The new system will go on sale sometime later this month, however much like Xbox 360 revisions in the past, there'll be very means for consumers to identify the new system other than it being bundled with new game releases. There's no indication when or if this new model of Playstation 3 will land in Europe.
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD gets release date in Japan. Team Ico's infamous and critically acclaimed Playstation 2 titles; Ico and Shadow of the Colossus' HD re-releases have a date in Japan, the date being the 22nd of September 2011. The games will be sold seperately for 3980 Yen (£30) or in a "Limited Box" collection for 6980 Yen (£53) including both games and extra goodies such as an art book and Playstation 3 themes.

No word yet as to a European release date of these titles.
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Sony announces the "PSP Remaster" series for Playstation 3. The initiative will see select PSP software being, as the name implies; remastered for use on the Playstation 3 including an upgrade to High Definition visuals and in some cases stereoscopic 3D support. The games will be available on physical Blu Ray discs.

There's little word as of yet as to what games the series will bring to the Playstation 3, however Capcom's highly successful "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" will be the first game in the series to be launched in Japan during the Summer under the title "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver." There's no word as to if any of the titles in the PSP Remaster series will be released outside of Japan.

The PS3 variant of PSP Remaster titles will be able to share save data with the original PSP version (and vice-versa) of the titles as well as share online multiplayer aspects of the system, including the "Ad-Hoc" connection setting. However, the online functionality depends on the PS3 having internal WiFi, original circa-2007 20GB Playstation 3 model owners are out of luck, it seems.
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All Playstation 3 shipments confiscated by EU customs. It follows the ruling by EU courts allowing LG an injunction to pevent Sony from selling the Playstation 3 in Europe on patent infringement claims.

Shipments will be seized by customs within Europe, meaning stores cannot get supplies. Reports state that retailers have approximately 3 weeks worth of back-stock of the Playstation 3. However, the seized Playstation 3 units will only be collected for the next 10 days.

Seems Sony just can't catch a break, what with all these Playstation 3 hacks going on...
Capcom announces Mega Man Universe. Universe is said to be a 'creative' approach to the Mega Man franchise to be released on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network. No other information is yet known other than the retro-esque logo and no WiiWare release yet announced. (via Press Release)
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