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Nintendo announces announcement of new home console. Rather unexpectedly, Nintendo has announced that they will be launching a new home console system, which they call the "Wii's successor system" for the time being. The system will be launched in 2012, however Nintendo have declined to include the sales of these figures in their forecast for this year's financials (March 2011 - March 2012) presumably pointing toward a late 2012 release.

Rumours have been rampant about the new console, many point the system's codename to be "Café" or "Project Café", however the short statement released by Nintendo didn't confirm this, nor did it confirm other rumours of the Wii Successor's supposed touch-screen fitted controller. E3 will most likely be the space to watch for such announcements. (PDF)
Further PSP Phone leaks emerge, possible announcement date revealed. A YouTube video shows the most clearest footage of the Sony Erricson "Z1" or "Zeus" yet.

Meanwhile, GSM Arena has revealed that Sony could possibly announce the device on December 9th.
Is this the PSP2? Joystiq reports that the PSP2 development unit may just have had it's face shown to the public. Complete with pictures. Check it out.
Is the Playstation Phone finally revealed through prototype leak? Possibly. Tech-blog Engadget has been sent intriguing photos of what appears to be a Sony Ericsson prototype phone with slide-out Playstation controls not dissimilar to the PSP Go. The device is also clearly running the Android mobile phone operating system.

As well as this, there's new rumours that the Playstation brand will come to non-Sony phones with the next major version of Android; 3.0. Exciting times ahead for Android users and those waiting for dedicated gaming-slash-phone hardware.
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3DS rumoured to launch in November. Get that tentative second Christmas list written, because the 3DS is now rumoured to launch on November 20th, according to a Nintendo peripheral manufacturer employee. Nintendo will officially announce it's plans later this month after Tokyo Game Show has concluded.
Premium Xbox Live on the cards? Michael Patcher sure thinks so. The premium service is suggested to be $100 (USD) and include "100 or 200 million dollars" worth of investment into the service, only available to the 'Premium' members.
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