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Nintendo announces the Nintendo Wii U. The successor to the insanely popular Nintendo Wii has been announced at E3. The "Nintendo Wii U" is a fundamental shake-up of the way in which we see consoles today. Part-portable system, part home console, the Nintendo Wii U is a high definition system which utilises not only television sets, but a 6.2 inch touch screen controller

The Nintendo Wii U was teased to have a new Legend of Zelda title, however no details were elaborated on. Games confirmed for the Wii U, which starts shipping in 2012 are; Darksiders II (launch title) Batman Arkham City, Ghost Recon Online, Tekken, Metro: Last Light, Aliens Vs. Predator, Tekken and Dirt. No pricing was issued for the Wii U system or controllers just yet, only a vague "2012" release date was attached to the device, however there are prototype units and tech-demo games available for the press to consume on the E3 show floor this year.
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Nintendo announces announcement of new home console. Rather unexpectedly, Nintendo has announced that they will be launching a new home console system, which they call the "Wii's successor system" for the time being. The system will be launched in 2012, however Nintendo have declined to include the sales of these figures in their forecast for this year's financials (March 2011 - March 2012) presumably pointing toward a late 2012 release.

Rumours have been rampant about the new console, many point the system's codename to be "Café" or "Project Café", however the short statement released by Nintendo didn't confirm this, nor did it confirm other rumours of the Wii Successor's supposed touch-screen fitted controller. E3 will most likely be the space to watch for such announcements. (PDF)
Amazon UK to run Black Friday deals. While culturally irrelevant to those outside the United States, Black Friday is being celebrated by Amazon UK this year. Starting Monday 22nd November (at 0900 hours GMT), Amazon will be lowering select lines of products. Amazon's keeping their full complement of deals close to their chest, but expect 60% off Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 consoles. Word of the wise: Get in quick if you want something.
Doctor Who Wii/DS titles launch November 12th. BBC has announced that the two new Doctor Who video games "Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth" (DS) and "Doctor Who: Return to Earth" (Wii) will both land on the Nintendo platforms on November 12th. Hopefully that kick-ass Sonic Screwdrive Wii Remote will be coming around that time as well.
Red Nintendo Wii heading to Europe. Rumours have emerged that the Super Mario 25th Anniversary Special Edition Red Nintendo Wii console only currently confirmed for release in Japan may head it's way over to the sunny shores of Europe. The bundle seems to be a little different to the Japanese version, coming with Wii Sports, New Super Mario Bros. and pre-installed version of Donkey Kong 'Original Version' for Virtual Console. No word on date or any price variation between this and the standard console just yet. Oh and if you didn't hear, the anniversary package which includes Super Mario All Stars is also coming to Europe complete with goodies.

Update: Nintendo confirms both the Red Wii and the Red Nintendo DSi XL will be heading to Europe on the 22nd of October.
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Nintendo introduces the new Wii Remote Plus. As well as unveiling a new Wii system colour; a nice deep red colour for Mario's big 25th anniversary (sadly it looks to be Japan-only at this point), Nintendo has announced a new Wii Remote which packs a Wii Motion Plus into a standard looking Wii Remote, same form-factor and all. And to beat all, it costs the same as a standard Wii Remote as well. No words on a EU release, date or price yet.
Doctor Who Wii Remote is awesome. To commemorate the launch of the new Doctor Who: Return to Earth game for the Nintendo Wii, there will be a special Sonic Screwdriver shaped Wii Remote for all your plot convenience needs. Also expect Sonic Screwdriver stylus to appear from the same company (Blue Ocean) as well for the Doctor Who DS title.
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