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Xperia Play this April, is now official. Sony's not-so-secret "Playstation Phone" has finally gone official. Revealed during an advertisement break during the great American Superbowl, with a slightly longer version of the TV spot which leaked onto the internet last week.

UK carriers: O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange have all confirmed that they will provide the device this April.
Xperia Play advert leaks. It's been a while since the original photographs of the "Playstation Phone" were leaked onto the internet, since then we've heard the device's specifications, official name; "Xperia Play" and after last week's Playstation Meeting event, we know some classic, original Playstation games will be available for the device.

So, at this point, it comes as no real big surprise that the Xperia Play's US advert spot has also been leaked on the internet. As is par for the US Playstation advertising course, it's creepy. Very creepy. (Click the following link to view:)
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Added: 27/05/2011