Geometry Wars GalaxiesdislikePEGI3 Developer Bizarre Creations Publisher SEGA Genre Arcade Platform Nintendo DS Release Out Now Geometry Wars is the creation of what seems to be a late night session of booze and MS Paint, in which the developers woke up the next morning looking at the crudely drawn shapes and vibrant colours thinking "Hey, that's cool". But don't knock this fact, it's simple design is easily recognisable and doesn't take away from the game's appearance at all. If anything, this game is a throw back to old-timey arcade games such as Asteroids and Space Invaders, but with a new-age feel screaming out of it.

Those with Xbox 360 consoles will most likely be aware that Geometry Wars Retro Evolved is on the Xbox Live Arcade and is ready for everyone's enjoyment in full HD visuals and amazing visual effects. DS owners don't be dismayed, for Geometry Wars Galaxies also comes with Retro Evolved on it, however in a more trimmed down, less fancy looking way. It still plays and feels like the original though, which is fantastic.

So the game, what can be said about it? There's no real story, the visuals are very basic and the music is pretty much the same through-out the game. I'll try my best to explain where this game excels and where it fails, however if you get lost... I don't at all blame you.

The basic idea of the game is you are a small polygon-like shape which shoots stuff in a 360 degree motion, however only a small field at a time. You move around trying to dodge colourful polygon enemies which try to shoot stuff at you, ram you or just try to suck you in like a black hole. You're given a feild in which to roam and varies in size depending on what planet you're on. You keep shooting everything until you loose all your lives and the game ends, giving you a detailed report of how you did and what medals you've earned. Medals are awarded based on score, you're told what the stop-gap is for each medal in the top right hand corner while in-game.

And that's it... The controls are quite responsive, however I did have a few problems getting the start menu to appear. With the game being as fast paced as it is, the pause menu didn't really seem in a hurry to pop up and stop play while I needed to scratch my nose. Just imagine if there was a bigger problem emerging and you were required to pause the game very quickly, you'd have no chance. Is that a downer? You decide.

The game is majority flawed though, despite the game having wonderful controls and is REALLY fun, the game lacks variety. Sure, you have different AI settings which you can purchase for each planet using currency found in-game, but even then there are very little differences for most enemies that come from these AI settings, planets are basically the same as one another except they have different sized play fields and enemies seem to spawn in different formations. The only game I can really think of being this fun and doing the same type of difficulty-swapping would be Minesweeper on Windows.

Also, this game has one big "no-no" in my books, there is one galaxy in the game which requires the player to sync the DS with the Wii's Geometry Wars Galaxy to unlock said galaxy. I'm sorry, but why on earth would you buy one version of a game for one console, then want to buy the same game but on a different platform? It makes no sense, and I can tell you now that a normal gamer (like me) is flat broke. Spending £29.99 on this game, then £34.99 on the Wii version just so I can replay the game on a home console and then unlock a world on the DS version is ridiculous! Most people will just find a friend who bought the console version, sync it up to that to unlock the world and go on his merry way, thus defeating the original idea of the developers forcing the player to re-buy the game on the Wii. Not only this, but it limits what a player can do with just the DS game, making the game just annoying that you cannot do that one unlockable galaxy without the Wii console and a copy of the Wii game. I'm most unimpressed with this factor.

Overall then, in what could quite possibly be the shortest review 50Hz Gamer has ever done... Geometry Wars Galaxies is a fun game, it's basically two-for-one with it including Retro Evolved and the game is a good walk-n-play title, better suited for handheld consoles as it's a great time killer. However, the game gets boring very quickly and there is very little to keep you from shutting off the DS once you get bored... And even then you're probably just going to be playing Retro Evolved because it far more fun than the galaxy mode. Get or not to get? Well, I'm not entirely sure. The game seems solid enough to warrant a purchase, however should only really be considered if you get bored on long car journeys or are sitting around for a long time with nothing to do. Else, you're better off getting a game which is more fulfilling.