Exit DSlikePEGI3 Developer Taito Publisher Taito Genre Stratergy Platform Nintendo DS Release Out Now Taito have made some classic games in the past, Space Invaders is probably the most famous of their games, known by gamers and non-gamers alike. One of Taito's lesser known games which deserves more recognition is Exit, a strategy puzzle game. Although Exit has been available for an age now on the Sony PSP and for a while on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade, however the DS version is approaching western release fast, so I sat down with the DS version and gave it a good play through.

My level 3 fire extinguisher should trounce this level 2 fire.
If you've never played an Exit game before, then here's the basics for you; You're Mr.ESC, a trilby-wearing man who's only role in life seems to be the role of saving people from disasters. You must find survivors, which isn't hard, they shout "help me" every other second to annoy you. Run past them to make them commendable by the player. Use Mr.ESC and survivors to push objects, lift heavier/smaller survivors to platforms they wouldn't normally be able to reach and get them and yourself to the exit of the stage. Simple.

"OK?" You're going the wrong way!
Controls are simple as well. Use the D-Pad to survey the stage, use the touch screen to move Mr.ESC, this can be done two ways. Manually, by dragging Mr.ESC causing him to walk, drag him upwards to make him jump, drag him down to make him crawl. The second way is to press Mr.ESC and then touch a part of the stage, Mr.ESC will then jump over pitfalls and jump up onto ledges he can to get to that position. Of course, if he can't, he'll say he can't reach where you want and stop. You control survivors much like Mr.ESC's touch commands. Touch a survivor or Mr.ESC and then a item to pick up the item. Different survivors can do different things. Some can jump longer distances than others, some can push big objects, some can crawl through smaller spaces which Mr.ESC cannot. Use survivors and Mr.ESC to open up new passage-ways, and get everyone to the exit. Once at the exit, press Mr.ESC to finish the stage.

Exscuse me sir, you can't steal that.
The game is very solid. Under scrutiny, this game just takes it all and challenges players constantly. Logical thinking and forethought are not a necessity, but sure do help. Some tips, always survey the area before you go rushing into the stage. Work out a route which you can take which wont get you stuck later. If survivors can hold items, it's probably best they hold them, although you can swap items between Mr.ESC and survivors by getting a survivor holding an item and get infront/behind Mr.ESC so you're overlapping, then just press the item and Mr.ESC rapidly. Not too sure on the actual control scheme, and I'm too proud to admit I can't work it out and check the instruction manual.

Little did he know the other create had explosives in it...
So now you're thinking, "Ah, here comes the flaws." Sadly, there are none. The game is varied in puzzle layout, is challenging, the music is very mellow and doesn't distract you, controls are very good, graphics are stylised and magnificent. Everything about this game is wonderful. Since I am actually grasping at straws to find a flaw in the game, it must be said that the survivors need to shut up. They sit there screaming help very 5 seconds and it makes you want to help them less and less. But that's about it.

This is an amazing game and I highly suggest you check out Exit DS, Exit on the PSP and the Xbox Live Arcade. They are fantastic games and any puzzle fanatic will love Exit DS and it's zany, original, challenging gameplay. Get it or not? Get it!